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LRC Mark and Transcribe

This software is no longer being developed, because NeoBook has ended its software development.

LRC Mark and Transcribe is a lyrics file editor for Microsoft Windows. LRC Mark and Transcribe allows the user to create a synchronized-lyrics text file while playing an audio file. While the user controls audio playback in LRC Mark and Transcribe, he or she presses a button to mark each line of lyrics with the time of the current position in the audio file. Alternatively, an audio file can be transcribed line by line, and LRC Mark and Transcribe will mark (timestamp) each line automatically. Selected media players can use these timestamps in LRC files to display synchronized lyrics while playing audio. The program handles only ASCII characters, not Unicode Transformation Format, which is commonly used to represent characters in a variety of non-English languages.


Quick start

When LRC Mark and Transcribe runs, it will prompt the user to select a valid audio file. It will then prompt for lyrics text, which can be typed or pasted. Alternatively, the main menu can be used to import a text file. LRC Mark and Transcribe will attempt to retrieve any available file tags for title, artist, and album. Using the text fields at the top of the application window, the user can modify the tag text to be saved in the LRC text file (not the audio file). The user can then press F3 to play the audio. LRC Mark and Transcribe has two modes, "mark" and "transcribe", which can be selected from the main menu. These are described below.

Mark mode. In mark mode, which is the default mode, the user presses F4 to mark lines of lyrics with a timestamp. When the last line has been marked, LRC Mark and Transcribe will copy the name of the audio file to the Windows clipboard. The user will then be prompted to save the marked lyrics as a LRC text file, for use with most audio players that can accommodate LRC files. Pressing CTRL-V is recommended, to paste the name of the audio file into the filename field, so that the names of the audio file and the LRC text (lyrics) file will match.

Transcribe mode. In transcribe mode, a text entry box appears at the bottom of the application window. Text can be entered as heard while playing the audio file. Each line of text will then be marked (timestamped) automatically as it is entered.

The tag text shown at the top of the application window will be saved in the LRC text file but not the original audio file. The native audio file will not be altered in any way.

This application requires Windows Media Player.

You may try LRC Mark and Transcribe free of charge for 30 days.

Download for Windows

Version 1.5.2 (08 Jan 2015)

This version works for both trial and registered versions.

Purchase a software license

Buy a LRC Mark and Transcribe software license for $9.95.  We accept PayPal and credit cards.



Last updated on 17 July 2020.